We protect your aircraft from harsh environmental conditions and wear and keep them looking like new for years by using Sapphire V1. Maximize gloss and shine while eliminating flaws in the finish, dullness and oxidation. With an ASTM tested durability of 5B and 9H Hardness, your investment is protected with the longest lasting and toughest coating available. 

Bright Work Aviation Metal Polish can be used to polish all types of Aluminum, Chrome, Nickel, Brass, Stainless Steel and other metal surfaces. Bright Work Aviation Metal Polish has been tested to Boeing D6-17487, AirBus Aims09-00-002, AMS1650C, Douglas Aircraft CSD #1, and ASTM F 485 standards and has passed them all. Red Polish – is designed to remove heavy oxidation and scratches. White Polish – is designed to remove light oxidation, water spots and cloudiness. And Blue Polish – is designed to provide a final finish and deep shine

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