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We are currently looking to fill the following position(s):

Aircraft Detailer (Interior / Exterior Cleaning Crew)

In this position, you will have the great opportunity to work on the Interior and Exterior of high-end individual and Corporate aircrafts. Your job is extremely critical to the success of our team and to the satisfaction of our customers. Become familiar with various aircraft and the cleaning requirements of each aircraft.


  • Coordinate and communicate with the Cleaning Manager

  • Perform routine grooming on inside and outside of aircraft

  • Service aircraft lavatories as required

  • Perform polishing services which require use of powered buffers

  • Other duties as assigned or required.

  • Itemize and provide to the shift supervisor details of all time and materials expended in cleaning customer aircraft to assist in billing.

  • Carry out any carpet shampooing or other heavy duty cleaning requirement as required.

  • Advise Shift Supervisor if any items of interior or exterior require rectification or attention.

  • To liase with supervisors and/or Licensed Engineers for cleaning requirements of Aircraft component during base maintenance.

  • Clean Aircraft exterior and bright work areas.

As a part of the Cleaning Crew, you will be responsible for the following tasks which include but are not limited to the tasks mentioned above.

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